PMRL125 Series

0.230″ (5.84mm) Recessed LED Panel Indicator
LED indicator with reflective recessed bezel, single or bi-color LED Voltage: 2VDC – 120VAC, water-tight option.
Maximums panel thickness: .125” (PMRL), .070” (PMRL125, water-tight)
Recessed reflective bezel and reflective chrome-plated body
Voltage: 2-60 VDC or 120VAC
Terminals: Bi-pin or wire leads (6” wire leads, 24 AWG)
Available with a variety of LEDs including AlInGaP and InGaN technology for high brightness applications, single color, bi-color and with integrated resistors.
Available in five LED single colors: red, amber, green, blue and white
Available in one bi-color: red/green.
Low power consumption – uses up to 90% less energy than an incandescent indicator
Suitable for high vibration applications

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