L65 Series

0.315″ (8.0mm) Robust LED Round Panel Mount Indicators
The LED indicators snap fit into a 0.315” (8.0mm) panel hole and require no additional hardware.
Available with rated voltages from 2VDC to 24VDC, the LED indicators are designed with straight leads.
The robust L65 Series LED indicator has a recessed design that offers a 30 or 45 degree viewing angle.
The small L65 Series LED panel mount indicators to provide high contrast, fast on/off cycling, low energy consumption and low heat output, which delivers long operating life of more than 100,000 hours.
The rugged L65 Series LED panel mount indicators are shock and impact vibration resistant, improving the overall reliability of the equipment. The 5mm diffused LED indicators are also water, dust, and oil resistant when used with an O-ring gasket accessory that maximizes the life expectancy of the equipment.
The L65 Series achieves brightness in microseconds and is ideal for new and retrofit designs in a wide range of applications that are subject to frequent on/off cycling including aircraft instrumentation, industrial control panels, transportation dashboards, and more.
The diffused 5mm LED is offered in various colors including red, green and yellow.

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