CNX 722 120V Series

0.866″ (22mm) IP67 Ruggedized LED High Voltage Panel Mount Indicator
Ruggedized CNX722 all-in-one LED indicator with high voltage and moisture seal for outdoor applications.

The ruggedized CNX722 indicator series with built-in LED offers fast, easy installation in a wide range of applications with 120VAC to meet industry standards
Ideal for harsh environments applications that require the highest quality and where indicators are tasked with communicating the potential for danger both quickly and accurately.
Featuring fast pitch threads and special nut assemblies that enable quick installation by requiring only a single turn with one’s fingers or a 1” hex tool.
Available in five single colors: red, yellow, blue, white and green – featuring wide viewing angle and broad visibility.
As well as being dust and watertight to IP67 the LED CNX722 indicators are vibration resistant.

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