CML 325 Series

CLIPLITE ® lenses, installed in a display panel, are used with PCB mounted LEDS. Lenses remain attached to the display or panel door while the LEDs are fixed to the PCB. The lenses are ideal when used together with the CONXRITE ® connector assembly.

CLIPLITE ® lenses utilize fresnel rings to increase apparent brightness and viewing angle up to 180 degrees with either diffused or non diffused LEDs.

Lens – Polycarbonate
Ring – Polypropylene
(U.L. Listed Materials)

Low profile lenses CML 325 with fresnel rings. Mounts through front of panel, Retaining ring secures the lens in place.
5mm CMC & CML series mount in a .281 ̋ (7.2mm) hole on 3/8 ̋ centers,
Panel thickness 1/32 ̋ to 1/4 ̋.

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