Designed for harsh and outdoor environments, the ruggedized FLXR Series litepipes™ provide NEMA 4 rating

POWAY, CA (March 30, 2015) — VCC, the global leader in indication and specialty illumination solutions, has released a flexible light pipe made of a robust anodized aluminum body that delivers NEMA 4 protection from the elements. Designed for harsh conditions and outdoor environments, the ruggedized FLXR Series litepipe™ provides ESD protection and is resistant to shock and vibration. The FLXR Series litepipe features a low profile that affords antivandalism defense.

Providing design flexibility in new installations and retrofit/replacement applications, the light pipe easily extends light from the board to the desired surface.

The FLXR Series litepipe has a wide viewing angle and its optical core ends are polished to ten microns for optimal light transmittance. However for the brightest light output, customers use narrow viewing angle non-diffused LEDs with output greater than 100 mcd.

The light pipe offers a wide variety of lens colors and two different finishes to meet most any application requirement.

The RoHS compliant FLXR Series litepipe is ideal for a wide range of applications including instrument panels, disinfection and sterilization environments, transportation dashboards, safety applications, outdoor signage, aircraft and military equipment, industrial machinery, electrical control panels, and vending and gaming machines.

The FLXR Series has a 0.400” (10.1mm) mounting hole, and is available in standard lengths ranging from 4” (101.6mm) to 12” (304.8mm), with custom sizes available. There are three LED connection options using SMD 22, THR 22 and THR 5 22 connectors (order separately).

FLXR Series litepipe press release


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