VCC rapid prototyping and proof of concept can shorten development time by two to three weeks


VCC, the global leader in indication and specialty illumination solutions, provides rapid prototyping with its Flexfire™Series of flexible light pipes. The light pipes quickly enable engineers to prove-out design concepts for indicator applications that require light to be extended from the board to the desired surface via a series of bends and turns.

The Flexfire Series light pipes are well suited for use in the prototyping process prior to committing to a custom part that would require a tooling investment. The flexible light pipe series can shorten development time by as much as two to three weeks, offering design engineers significant cost and time savings. In addition, VCC’s advanced design engineering services can help customers bridge the gap between the PCB mounted LED and the panel without the need for a redesign.

“If an engineer needs to bring light from a printed circuit board to the panel, it often cannot be achieved in a straight line. The light pipe has to flex and manipulate around other components. Our Flexfire light pipes provide an easy method for transmitting light from the PCB to the front panel.”

Mark Baker

Director of Business Development, VCC

The Flexfire Series light pipes work with surface mount, 3mm and 5mm LEDs, and have optional lens configurations that can be IP67 / NEMA 6P rated for harsh environment and industrial applications that require bends and turns of indirect LED placement within a moisture sealed enclosure.

Standard fiber lengths range from 2” (50.8mm) to 12” (304.8mm), with custom sizes available. With a 160-degree viewing angle, the surface mount or thru-hole LED light pipes easily extend light from the board to the desired surface. VCC light pipes can be ordered in square, round or rectangular panel connections to meet practically any design need.

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