Interview with Our CEO: How VCC is Fighting COVID-19

A few weeks ago, we launched Crisis ColLAB, our initiative to help medical providers develop solutions to battle the coronavirus pandemic. VCC is committed to helping by offering free design and rapid prototyping services for components used in the human-machine interfaces (HMIs) of life-saving equipment.

Our CEO, Andy Zanelli, was interviewed by Insomnicat Media on what we’re doing to help and how we can still make a difference. Watch the full interview below or on YouTube.

So far, VCC has:

  • Prioritized coronavirus-related solutions for our design and engineering teams (who are well-equipped to handle these assignments remotely).
  • Donated 2,000 components used in defibrillators to a distributor for use in Italy’s health care response. 
  • Expedited the production of 66,000 components for ventilators and respirators.
  • Collaborated with our global distributor network to ensure any designs we create or that need to be produced with our components can be quickly fulfilled with in-stock items.

“You just may have saved over 1,000 lives in Italy. That doesn’t happen every day.”

Peter Michalko

Future Electronics (VCC Distributor) Italy

However, there is more work to be done. With “all hands on deck,” we’re ready to collaborate with OEMs and medical suppliers in need of design help, and can offer:

  • Expertise in engineering design for medical equipment
  • An experienced and highly motivated team of mechanical and electrical product designers and engineers 
  • 3D printing know-how and machinery
  • Proven performance in designing and prototyping PCB assemblies, light engines, and other electronic components

If you know an OEM or medical equipment provider who could use our design expertise to help combat COVID-19, please share this article or complete the form below.

Together, we will get through this

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