vcc wins 2020 tinypulse awards

VCC Wins TINYPulse Award for a Big Internal Achievement

Company Earned Most ‘Wins’ in Manufacturing Industry for Completed Initiatives


SAN DIEGO, CA (June 2021)

Visual Communications Company (VCC), a recognized global leader in illuminated electronic components and human-to-machine interface solutions, added a new award to its growing collection — the 2020 TINYPulse Wins in the Manufacturing category. 

At VCC, we believe a central element of continuous improvement is listening to feedback (then doing something with that information)! We’re proud to have won a TINYPulse award for the most “Wins” in the manufacturing industry. Wins are defined as suggestions or initiatives inspired by employee feedback that have been successfully implemented or resolved.

Here’s what our CEO, Andy Zanelli had to say about our latest achievement:


2020 was an incredibly challenging year in so many ways. So, to see that VCC earned a TINYaward for Wins really shows that the VCC team stayed focused and committed to building the best version of its culture. It maintained its commitment to suggesting improvements and in turn, VCC leadership maintained its commitment to taking actions and implementing them! My #1 idea for improving employee happiness/company culture is that there is no #1! At VCC, we have focused on a holistic and balanced approach to cultural development, which I believe will support VCC’s explosive growth for years to come.

Andy Zanelli


As a testament to our ongoing commitment to being a great employer, VCC also received this honor in 2018. VCC will continue to keep the lines of communication open with your employees, customers, and partners. 

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Visual Communications Company, LLC (VCC) is a recognized leader in the illuminated electronic global market with unparalleled distribution of high quality, reliable LED-based HMI components, solutions, and customer service. Over the past 40 years, VCC has been an innovative developer and manufacturer of a broad product line for commercial and industrial markets including, aerospace, medical device, telecom, transportation, people movers, IoT indication, hospitality, and architectural lighting solutions. 

VCC has earned the reputation for being one of the easiest and best companies to do business with by continually exceeding customer expectations. VCC has changed the way customers communicate with illuminated components. Headquartered in San Diego, California, with international manufacturing operations, you can learn more at



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