VCC cuts lead times in half for its most popular indicator series; inventory now available from stock to 8 weeks

VCC, the global leader in indication and specialty illumination solutions, has recently enhanced its procurement and manufacturing practices to drop lead times in half for its most important panel mount indicator products. Previously, the LED, incandescent and neon indicators were available with leads times ranging up to 16 weeks. Now, customers can receive VCC’s higher volume indicator products in eight weeks or less.

To better support its distribution network and OEM customers, VCC has also decreased its minimum order quantities to 100 on many of its panel mount indicator products. Lower minimum order quantities combined with reduced lead times enable customers to lower onsite inventory. With an on-time delivery rate of more than 99%, it is easier than ever to do business with VCC. “Lead times have a significant affect on the success of our customers’ projects.

VCC has listened to the needs of our customers, and by efficiently streamlining our supply chain, we have lowered lead times and minimum order quantities to help customers get to market faster with higher quality end-products,” said Sannah Vinding, Director of Product Development and Marketing at VCC. “We have already reduced the lead times of nearly 20% A-item product panel mount indicator products, and lowered the minimum order quantities for more than 30% of our most popular indicator products.”

VCC is also in the process of lowering lead times for circuit board indicators, light pipes, panel lenses, clips, lamps, LEDs and LED mounting hardware.

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