3mm press-fit light pipe for surface mount led
Visual Communications Company (VCC), a recognized global leader in the illuminated electronics market with advanced indication and HMI solutions, recently announced its innovative SpectraBright Series SMD RGB and Bi-Color LEDs.

Created with engineers and OEMs in mind, these innovative LEDs deliver efficiency, design flexibility, and control for devices in a range of industries, including mil-aero, automated guided vehicles, EV charging stations, industrial, telecom, IoT/smart home, and medical.

  • Streamlined design possibilities – Bi-color and RGB options save money and space on the HMI, communicating two or three operating modes in a single component. 
  • Popular color combinations – The SpectraBright LEDs are available in RGB as well as frequently used bi-color variations: red/green, yellow/green, and amber/green.
  • Greater control over light intensity – High and low brightness options with luminous intensities ranging from 15 to 160 mcd ensure each device provides the ideal light level for the device and application.
  • Wide viewing angle for enhanced visibility – A clear lens and 120-degree viewing angle ensure high visibility for a host of applications, day or night. 
  • Perfect for standalone, array, and interface light source applications – The SpectraBright LEDs are even more powerful when used with VCC’s best-in-class rigid light pipe series, including 7511, 7512, LMC, LPC, LFC, and LFB. They’re also ideal as an efficient and durable light source for custom PMI and array designs.
  • Reliable, long-lasting operation – With RoHS, REACH certifications, MIL-STD-750 D:1026 and MIL-STD-883 D:1005 standards, and an average LED life of 50,000 hours — more than double that of incandescents — the SpectraBright Series is made for the long haul.
  • Available in popular sizes – Designed to make engineers’ lives easier, the LEDs are available in the following standard packages: 0603, 0606, 1204, and 1210.
We’re excited to launch our new SpectraBright Series SMD LEDs, which will help our clients achieve sleeker designs while reducing costs and having great control over light intensity. These multi-function indicators can perform as standalone lighting units, as well as being an ideal solution for use with light pipes and HMIs.
Mario Davila

Product Manager, VCC

The innovative SpectraBright Series will be available through VCC’s robust distribution network in late December 2022​ visit: https://vcclite.com/spectrabright/

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