Lightpipes in Retrofit Applications

Today’s economic environment has driven a need for retrofitting equipment, signage and other electronic devices to meet new production requirements instead of replacement. The goal of redesigning is to keep the cost at a level that is considerably less than designing and manufacturing a new item or piece of equipment. Engineers are faced with the challenge of changing an existing panel board, display or product in a way that meets or exceeds requirements at minimum cost and with a quick turn-around time.

Why Should I Use Litepipes in My Retrofit Project?

Using Litepipes in retrofit situations can provide a number of benefits for the designer, company and product. Among those benefits are:

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Avoid LED Replacement

Many times the redesign of equipment will not change the desired LED color or power levels but the designer may want them displayed in a different panel area, shape or configuration and may even require them to be viewed from another location. Implementing a litepipe in this situation can allow the designer to keep the circuit LEDs and allow them to be extended to a different panel location, shown as a different shape or be presented in a different configuration.


Litepipes that are used in retrofit projects provide Engineers and Designers to have extensive flexibility when re-designing a product or piece of equipment. The exact location of circuit boards becomes a variable instead of a critical issue. If new components must be added to the device and the PCB moves, or if the panel must move, a lite pipe allows for the light to be extended to the panel or sign surface without being limited by PCB or LED location. • Increased Visibility – VCC Litepipe have a 160-degree viewing angle, most likely this is considerably more viewable from more locations.

No Additional Wiring

Litepipe installation in retrofit applications allow the Engineer to change the lighting and indication layout without requiring additional wiring to be added to the design. This saves cost in material, assembly.

Meet Power and Efficiency Standards

What’s the best way to meet efficiency and power conservation standards? Don’t add components that require more power, like, you guessed it, litepipes. The wave of the future is conservation and the use of litepipes will help you meet these goals.

VCC litepipes are available for surface mount or thru-hole LEDs and allow that light to be extended to the desired surface. They are available in moisture sealed configurations for wet or exposed locations and also with increased flexibility of the litepipe (Flexfire series) itself for applications where a bend or bend(s) may be required. The litepipe end can be ordered in square, round or rectangular panel connections to meet practically any retrofit design need.

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