LED prominence and growth is only a surprise to those who have been in a deep slumber for the last ten years. The number of applications where LEDs are in use is endless. Below we will cover some of the most prominent LED applications, both indoors and outdoors, and also typical challenges and solutions for these installations


Applications: Indoor LED applications can range from commonly used pieces of equipment such as microwaves, computers and temperature control panels to much more complicated systems such as security, power conversion, signage and more. To list all the possibilities would take more space than I have to write or you have to read. The only limit to the number of ways LEDs can be implemented is the imagination of the Engineer and/or designer.


Applications: Outdoor LED applications, much like the indoor scenario are essentially endless. Most automobiles produced today have LEDs in use everywhere from your tail light to the console and as your driving, the traffic signals, retail signage and even the side-of-the-road construction messages are all produced with the support of LED circuitry. The security systems of the homes and businesses you pass are utilizing LEDs as are the planes flying above your head. Virtually every man made electronic device today provides signaling that makes use of the great number of benefits offered by LED use.

Complications: LEDs have reached such high levels of popularity due to many factors including cost, power conservation, durability, low maintenance levels and long life cycle. Rarely are there failures for an LED application, once in use. An LED lifecycle can be anywhere from 5-10 years so even replacement times are few and far between.

This does not mean that certain conditions such as hazardous and/or wet locations, low visibility or limited power availability can’t cause complications in design and implementation.

Solutions: For LED applications that are installed in hazardous or wet locations VCC offers a number of different solutions that can be put in place to protect your LED circuits. Implementing a specific LED type or using them in conjunction with a moisture sealed lite pipe will increase the durability and reliability of any LEDs being used outdoors where they are exposed to the weather or indoor locations where they are exposed to water and/or cleaning compounds.

The issue of visibility can also be addressed with a variety of products depending on the specific issue. VCC offers High Power LEDs for long distance viewing in addition to the expanded viewing angle of our products. We also offer a variety of colors, applications specific LEDs and even lite pipes that can increase the visibility in poor conditions and allow maximum viewing from all angles.

There are also a number of solutions that can be put in place to resolve power availability issues. If your head is swimming with all the possibilities and considerations for implementing your next LED application, contact VCC today. There is a team of experienced professionals available at the click of your mouse, ready to answer all your questions and help you select the LED series that will provide the greatest benefits to your project.


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