The goals of sustainability, renew-ability, power reduction, lowered carbon footprints, reduced refuse and increased efficiency are global. Smart lighting is one of the key strategies in this global purpose. LEDs are crucial to this technology and being implemented in signaling, data transmission, wireless transmitters, remote controls, architecture and more.

Recent standards from the Infrared Data Association (IrDA), United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and other groups such as Energy Star are calling for higher standards in these areas to achieve a more sustainable future. We are closer than ever to making a world where lighting is digital, efficient and increases the health and welfare of all. Smart Lighting through the use of LEDs meets all of these goals and offers improvements that years ago were thought to be impossible.

LEDs are Eco-friendly as the components are 95% recyclable. This reduces refuse and ensures sustainability. They are also wonders of efficiency using significantly less power than traditional lighting options. LEDs comply with Energy Star standards and requirements as they use anywhere from 30% (over fluorescent) to 120% (over incandescent) less power and save 3000 times their own weight in greenhouse gases. The shock and vibration resistant characteristics contribute to longer life cycles, up to 50 times that of other lighting options. This not only reduces replacement costs but the maintenance costs and personnel associated with servicing the circuitry.

Smart lighting technologies using LEDs generate less heat, thereby allowing for more LED devices to be installed in smaller devices. The light is more focused and saturated, without color fading, providing brighter displays and increased variety in the colors and types of displays that are designed.

The ability of LEDs to be switched off and on millions of times per second have permitted them to be used in data transmission circuits, wireless transmitters, lasers and also as access points for data transport. For example, current IrDA standards call for LEDs to be used in all broadband transport, a high-speed communication platform that years ago was a dream. VCC carries a line of efficient, high quality digital LEDs for all of your smart lighting applications.

Whether you are developing an optical signaling circuit, data transmission design, backlighting set-up, control panel or any number of additional smart lighting designs, we have the LEDS, lite pipes and PCB components to make your design work. Contact one of our always available experts today to discuss, plan and even receive design assistance for making your innovative ideas come into fruition.

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