Case Study

Intelligent doghouse for storefronts and restaurants

Application Characteristics

Smart doghouses provide a safe and comfortable place for dogs to stay while owners are shopping inside stores and eating at restaurants.

Smart doghouse provides safety and comfortable shelter for dogs - Case Study - VCC

The thermally controlled dog house fits one animal, and is a convenient way to shelter and protect your dog while on the run – making more time for you to enjoy the day with man’s best friend.

Dog Parker House

 A better option to simply tying the dog leash up, the smart doghouse is connected to the internet and feature interior webcams for remote monitoring via your cell phone. The wireless capability also allows owners locate smart doghouses, reserve a doghouse, to lock and unlock the doghouse.


The intelligent doghouse required bright red, green and yellow indicator lights to communicate whether the doghouse is available or in use; reserved for another customer; is being cleaned (in transition); or needs maintenance (out of order). The panel mount indicators need to be rugged and able to withstand extreme environmental conditions. In addition, the LEDs were required to provide well-defined illumination, especially in daylight.


Dog Parker with Dog

The rugged, CNX Series LED panel mount indicators from VCC are IP67-rated for outdoor applications. The moisture sealed CNX714 & CNX722 features FlexVolt all-in-one technology, which enables the indicator to be used with any voltage ranging from 5V to 28V DC.


The LED panel mount indicators offer a wide viewable angle that delivers bright visibility even in direct sunlight.


CNX714 & CNX722

The CNX714 Series has a mounting hole size of 14mm (0.551”), while the CNX722 Series has a mounting size of 22mm (0.866”).

Both series provides illumination for applications that require consistent identification and communication through light, and achieves full brightness in microseconds.

Fast-pitch threads ease assembly, which leads to the reduction in assembly time and delivers cost savings.


Custom LEDs and lens colors are available, along with an optional bezel that is also available in many colors (red, yellow, green, blue and white).

Results & Benefits

Smart technology is quickly progressing, expanding to extraordinary applications to further simplify and improve daily lives. To create smarter and more accessible doghouses (and human houses), VCC works closely with manufacturers to tailor illumination and indication solutions. The LEDs and lens colors create an attractive panel mount indicators that quickly and accurately deliver visual communication that positively affects people and behavior.


The ruggedized, moisture sealed LED panel mount indicators are durable and can handle extremely harsh environments, ensuring a long operational lifetime in outdoor applications.

Value-added Service

VCC understands the importance of visual communications and brings value to your design challenge. VCC becomes an extension of your design team and can provide technical advice and value to your design challenge.

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