Dual AC/DC LED Lamp

Dual-action AC/DC Utility LED bulb
The Direct Incandescent Replacement Designed for Emergency Situations
Meet the dual-action AC/DC Utility LED bulb versatile enough for demanding applications, including infrastructure, transportation, power plants, refineries, walkways, water treatment facilities, and emergency backup lighting.

When traditional power is unavailable because of a utility outage, backup lighting is required to run mission-critical operations while keeping owners and the general public safe.

Switching from AC to DC power during a power failure is only half of what this 9W LED bulb was made for — its IP61 rating means no water droplets or dust can impede performance, even in the worst conditions.

Less power, more light: The LED equivalent to a 100W incandescent is 9-10W. This means better illumination for a fraction of the energy.
No filament to burn out: Because LEDs don’t use filaments like their incandescent counterparts, they don’t put out much heat. This also means they don’t lose infrared light like incandescents. Therefore, more of their light can be seen by the naked eye, making them appear brighter.
2x the color temperature: most incandescents have a color temp of 2500-2700. VCC’s 9W LED is 5000K which provides greater contrast in darkness than a standard 100W incandescent.