LED Replacement Lamp

Direct incandescent replacement LED lamp that delivers improved illumination, durability and long life.

LED lamps are drop in replacements for the less efficient filament lamps, typically used within pushbutton switches and indicators.

A bipin or bi-pin (two pins sticking out from the bottom of the light bulb) is a standard for lamp fittings. These are used on many small incandescent light bulbs (especially halogen lamps), and for starters on some types of fluorescent lights as well.

LED replacement for incandescent lamps in a variety of colors and voltages and is ideal for mission-critical applications.

Available with a variety of LEDs and provides low energy consumption, fast on/off cycling, low heat generation, and long operating life.

Designed for quick installation and reduces overall cost due to less-frequent replacements. Low power consumption – uses up to 90% less energy than an incandescent lamp.

The LED lamp uses up to 90% less energy than an incandescent lamp and operates significantly cooler than traditional lamps.

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