Largest Selection of Flexible and Rigid Optical Light Pipes


Used to transmit the light from surface-mount or through-hole LEDs to the display panel, VCC’s broad offering of light pipes include rigid or flexible solutions in modular, low-profile or one-piece versions. The high-performance LITEPIPE® series of modular light pipes are constructed of optical grade acrylic for optimal light transmittance. The Flexfire™ flexible light pipes provide the easiest method of transmitting light from a board-mounted LED to a front panel. The Bright*Pipes™ family of optical light pipes economically conduct light from SMT LEDs to provide bright and even indication of function status for equipment.


Rigid Light Pipes

7 Different Panel Mount Linear Light Pipe Series


Moisture Sealed Light Pipes

6 Different Moisture Sealed Light Pipes Series


Flexible Light Pipes

6 Different Flexible Light Pipe Series


Right Angle Light Pipes

Wide Range of 1-position, 2-position, 3-position & 4-position

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