FLIR Military chose our CMS 442 sealed lens for use in its heavy duty controller. The NEMA 4-rated CMS 442 is a low-profile, button-type lens that has a smooth, clean look with a convex surface protruding just above the panel. This design minimizes the potential problems of snagging, interference, or physical damage that might result from outside sources such as clothing, jewelry, tools, etc.

The threaded design makes for a quick and simple assembly to the front panel. With less than a full turn, the lens is tightly mounted to the panel using the included lock washer and retaining ring. Please note that the circuit board is completely independent of the display panel, simplifying its installation or removal for assembly or repair.

The CMS 442 & 462 lens assemblies have been designed not only to meet the needs of all indoor applications, but have also been successfully proven in harsh environments. The units, with uniquely-designed spiral mating threads, provide a superior mounting system which has been tested by an independent laboratory and has exceeded all test criteria for NEMA 4 and beyond (water sealing for depths down to 100m; shock up to 6Gs; vibration – shaken up to 6 Gs from 0 to 2000Hz; temperature cycling from -40°C to +105°C; UV resistance; dust sealing; as well as ice encasement).

The CMS 442 lens greatly enhances the aesthetics of the display panel. The low-profile design increases the light output of the LED by significantly reducing the ambient light effect upon the lens. The lens can expand the viewing angle to 180° by the use of patented VCC diffusion ring technology. While the CMS 442 is used for 5mm LED applications, the CMS 462 provides a 10mm LED solution.

These lenses are also paired with VCC Litepipes® and cable assemblies to meet all of your needs. The CMS 442 is constructed of optical quality, U.L.. Listed polycarbonate thermoplastic. It is offered in six colors including red, amber, green, yellow, blue and water clear.

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