Lighting Design, Meet Limitless Possibilities

Good news! Designers and engineers have even more ways to push the envelope on their next lighting design project with VentoFlex.

VCC’s award-winning VentoFlex modular lighting system eliminates design constraints while maximizing versatility and impact. Whether the application is backlighting, set design, recreational vehicles, or something that hasn’t even been invented yet, VentoFlex provides countless ways to express creativity with no heat sink, tool-less installation and the ability to bend and flex well past 90 degrees. 

Overall benefits of the VentoFlex modular lighting system include:

  • Versatility – these flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL) tiles can be mounted to just about any flat surface without tools or limitations.
  • Customization – cut and configure VentoFlex tiles to bring any design vision to life with unlimited possibilities.
  • Modular design – connect up to 10 tiles with a single driver and enjoy touch-free connections to power even more impactful designs

There are other LED lighting tiles available. Here’s how VentoFlex compares to other modular LED tiles available:



VentoFlex Brochure

Tile Size: Square in Shape to Save You Money

When compared to larger tiles of similar products, VentoFlex is the clear winner in reducing waste. Square, modular and marvelous, VentoFlex gives you the perfect width to wow, without having to buy more tiles than you need. Other options include 12” x 24” tiles, which can lead to wasted space and buying more lighting than the job requires.
VentoFlex modular lighting system

Connection: Streamlined to Drive Costs Down Even More

With three simple connection options, VentoFlex is cheaper to install and doesn’t require as many accessories as other modular LED tile options out there. 

In fact, the connection is a snap — you don’t need cables to expand in one direction because they snap to buy phentermine weight loss pills If you need to expand your design in the other direction, you will need cables to do so.

Connection accessories include:

  • A jumper cable for horizontal configurations
  • A bridge cable for vertical connections
  • A power cable for connecting to the Class 2 LED driver

VentoFlex modular lighting system

Output: More Brightness for Your Buck

With 864 luminous flux per square foot, you’ll get 264 more lm/ft^2 than other modular LED tiles available with VentoFlex — and save significant energy.

VentoFlex tiles are dimmable to 1% with any 0-10V/DALI signal, so even dimmed, they shine above the rest.

Voltage: Lower Operating Voltage, Lower Overall Cost

VentFlex operates at 48 VDC, which is 10 VDC lower than other modular LED tiles out there. This seemingly insignificant difference can make all the difference when shopping for drivers, as 48 VDC is more common and typically costs less.

And for even lower power consumption, VentoFlex is also available in a 12V-24V tile that can be used in RVs, boats and other environments with 12V battery power.

Driver Selection: You’re In the Driver’s Seat

Because VentoFlex is compatible with virtually any Class 2 LED driver, you have more choices and selection in how your VentoFlex tiles are powered. Find the best price within your distributor networks without being stuck with an OEM-mandated driver.

Go ahead, shop around for the best driver. VCC won’t require you to buy one from us to take advantage of all VentoFlex has to offer.

VentoFlex modular lighting system

Color Temp: More Options, More Impact

You have a vision for the exact mood your lighting design should create. With VentoFlex, you have the power to bring the exact tone to life with six color temperature options.

Some of the other options available only have five color temperatures to choose from. Yet, sometimes, 500K or 700K can make all the difference in the ambiance of your creation. Get the exact specifications for any occasion or need with VentoFlex. 

Ventoflex Color Temps: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5700K

VentoFlex modular lighting system

Installation: Tools to Make Your Job Easier

Yes, VentoFlex tiles offer tool-less installation. However, there is one optional tool designed to help make the pre-installation that much easier.

Use the VentoFlex calculator to quickly determine exactly how many tiles, cables, and drivers you need to create a project bill of materials (BOM).

  • Simply provide the:
  • Room dimensions
  • Watts
  • Color temperature
  • Horizontal or square tile configuration

The VentoFlex calculator will do the rest. Take it for a test-drive.

VentoFlex Calculator

There are even more advantages to VentoFlex than we covered here

To learn more about illumination without limits, download the VentoFlex brochure or contact our team today
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