SAN DIEGO, CA, October 1, 2018

Visual Communications Company (VCC), a recognized global leader in the illuminated electronics market with advanced indication and specialty illumination solutions, has made the shortlist for the prestigious Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards for the second consecutive year.

Now in its 16th year, the Elektra Awards recognize innovation and achievement in electronics the UK and Europe. This year’s Elektra finalists include more than 50 companies in 17 awards in categories ranging from Internet-of-things Product Innovation to LED Lighting Product of the Year.

VCC’s new and innovative CSM Series is one of five finalists in the Passive and Electromechanical Product of the Year category. The smallest capacitive LED sensor available, the CSM Series measures 15mm x 15mm x 3.20 mm and helps OEMs and designers in a wide range of industries remove what was once a barrier to sleek HMI design — size constraints.

As VCC’s second generation of capacitive touch LED sensor displays, the CSM Series opens up potential through a smaller footprint, plus so much more. Because the CSM Series uses surface-mount technology (SMT) instead of a through-hole design, it also delivers additional benefits that drive down manufacturing costs, including:

  • Reduces total weight of the surface mount assembly
  • Uses only one-half to one-third of space on the PCB  
  • Allows for higher density of connections because holes to not block routing space on inner layers
  • Enables higher density connections when the sensor is mounted on only one side because there are no holes to block back-side layers

The CSM Series combines consistent illumination of LEDs with the option to customize the capacitive touch sensor displays or use standard icons for enhanced human-machine communication. High-clarity LEDs are available in colors including super red, white, pure green, blue and yellow.

Since being launched in February 2018, the CSM Series is already generating high demand in applications including medical imaging technology, surgical equipment, non-surgical medical treatments and many more.

“We are thrilled and honored to be included among the finalists for the prestigious Elektra Awards for the second year in a row. Our CSM Series has taken our cap touch technology to the next level by removing size constraints and leveraging advanced surface-mount technology to drive greater manufacturing efficiencies. As we continue to evolve our capacitive touch technology, we also open up countless design possibilities for our customers through smaller, yet smarter human-machine interfaces. ”

Sannah Vinding

Director of Product Development & Marketing, VCC

Winners in each category are determined by a panel of judges made up of industry experts. The awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, December 5 at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

About the Elektra Awards

The Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards recognize technical and business achievements in the UK and European electronics market at the company, product and individual level. Learn more at, or view the entire 2018 shortlist here:

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